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Exim (HK) Ltd. was founded in 1985 and with 25 years of experience, is now widely and globally recognized as an Export Trading House, shipping a variety of items to different parts of the world. The company has risen and expanded significantly, bearing to its name two full- fledged offices in China (Guangzhou and Yi Wu) along with its booming, head office in Hong Kong.


With over thirty determined staff members, Exim (HK) Ltd. offers technical and practical expertise in offered products, factory orders, and client relationships. Boasting a broad product base we cater to our client’s every need as we specialize in Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Electronic Novelties, Kitchen Wares, Assorted Items and General Merchandise.


Highly committed to providing our clients with quality, innovation and the highest level of service, we have built and strengthened long lasting relationships with clients in over 20 countries. Our company stands as a strong symbol for dedication and determination and as we continue to strive, please do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers below:


Telephone Numbers:      +852-2317 5808(Hong Kong)
                                          +86-20-8354 1986/8354 4293(Guangzhou)
                                          +86-579-8538 5071(Yiwu)


Fax Numbers:                  +852-2317 1920(Hong Kong)
                                          +86-20-8354 3677(Guangzhou)
                                          +86-579-8538 5371(Yiwu)


Email Addresses:            eximhk@biznetvigator.com